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What are Quick-start Demos?


The instructions in this section will walk you through the steps necessary for setting up a demo environment that can be quickly shown to customers to showcase the art of the possible.

This demo in no way removes the need for following the tutorial style instructions that are documented in other sections of this guide. The instructions below will set up a pre-canned application demo environment to show to the customers.

Quick-start Demo Overview

The overall process for running Quick-start Demos is as follows:


  • Install the necessary CLI. This task is only performed once, regardless how many times you run a Quick-start Demos.

  • Create a GitHub Personal Access Token that you can use to authenticate to GitHub. This task is only performed once. You can use the same Personal Access Token for different demos.

  • Setup a Git organization, you can either create a new organization for each time you perform a demo or you clean up all the repositories in that organization before using it for a new demo.

  • Prepare an OpenShift cluster, you perform this for each Demo, the instruction assumes that you start from a new cluster. The instruction here depends on the platform you choose.

  • Implement the Demos scenario - this is typically done using the script.

  • Explore the generated environment.

Additional Considerations

The Quick-start Demos is typically implemented on a single OpenShift cluster that has a sufficient compute and storage capabilities. Each demo scenario come with the list of compute and storage requirements.

To setup your OpenShift cluster, see Cluster setup.