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IBM Security Verify is an identity and access management solution that helps organizations protect their critical data assets and applications. It provides a single sign-on process that enables users to access multiple applications with one credential, and it also provides access control and privileged user management capabilities.

This asset automates the integration of IBM Security Verify SaaS with Cloud Paks to provide Enterprise Single Sign On to any IBM Cloud Pak. This helps promote the Verify use case with customers while showcasing Security hardened Cloud Pak deployments with centralized IAM and SSO.


Following prerequisites are required to begin Verify integration:

  1. RedHat OpenShift 4.8+ installed

  2. Can login to cluster with oc command

  3. Desired CloudPak and Foundational Services installed

  4. Access to IBM Security Verify instance to create API keys (admin role).

To request a Security Verify tenant trial visit


This tutorial covers integrating Verify with an existing Cloud Pak deployment as shown below. Alt text

Alternatively this assets can be referenced to build a GitOps deployment and run when the Cloud Pak is installed. Alt text


Q. How to contact asset owner to provide feedback ?

A. Raise git issue against

Q. What CloudPaks has this asset been verified against?

A. CP4I, CP4S and CP4BA. This asset is CloudPak agnostic but please share any other CloudPak you successfully use asset with.

Q. What’s running inside Job to perform Verify integration?

A. David's script from


A special mention to David for his initial work integrating Verify with Cloud Pak for Security which this assets script is built from.

This asset was a collaborative effort from:

-Langley Millard
-Marwan Attar
-Jeff Tan
-Songhui Ryu
-Dineshkumar Ramnath Barai 
-Sam Paisley
-Carl Ellis
-Eddie Kim