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Configure Cluster

Configure Cluster

Apply the necessary Kubernetes manifest for the Verify automation script.

1.Login to cluster using oc command

#oc login

2.Check CloudPak & Foundational services pods are healthy

#oc get pod -n <cloudpak-namespace>

#oc get pod -n ibm-common-services

3.Clone git repository

#git clone

#cd verify-cp4x-integration

4.Create verify namespace

#oc apply -f 1-prereq

5.Update Verify secret yaml Update file 2-setup/secret.yaml will values (verify url, client id & client secret) obtained in Step 1.

Alt text

6.Create Verify secret and RBAC objects

Cluster role & service account are required to run Verify integration Job in next step.

#oc apply -f 2-setup && oc apply -f 2-setup/rbac/

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