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Watson Knowledge Catalog on Cloud Pak for Data

Powers self-service discovery of data

Watson Knowledge Catalog (WKC) provides a secure enterprise catalog management platform that is supported by a data governance framework. The data governance framework ensures that data access and data quality are compliant with your business rules and standards.

WKC Overview

Information about WKC

Watson Knowledge Catalog is included with IBM® Cloud Pak for Data. A project administrator can install WKC on the cloud pak. The requirements are:

  • WKC requires a custom security context constraint (SCC).
  • WKC must be installed in the same project as Cloud Pak for Data.
  • WKC requires the Cloud Pak for Data common core services.
  • WKC uses one of these following storage classes:
    • OpenShift Container Storage:
      • ocs-storagecluster-cephfs
      • ocs-storagecluster-ceph-rbd
    • NFS: managed-nfs-storage
    • Portworx:
      • portworx-shared-gp3
      • portworx-cassandra-sc
      • portworx-couchdb-sc
      • portworx-db2-rwo-sc
      • portworx-elastic-sc
      • portworx-metastoredb-sc
      • portworx-gp3-sc
      • portworx-kafka-sc
      • portworx-solr-sc
    • IBM Cloud File Storage: ibmc-file-gold-gid or ibm-file-custom-gold-gid

What's next after a successful installation?