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Using this guide


The purpose of this guide is to teach architects, developers and operations staff how to implement a production-ready IBM Process Mining deployment on the OpenShift Container Platform.

The guide also makes extensive use of other cloud native technologies such as Kustomize and ArgoCD. Using this tutorial, you will deploy a GitOps framework and IBM Process Mining in OpenShift gaining hands-on experience of these technologies and their benefits.

The guide is structured as a tutorial and it is recommended that you follow the topics in order. There is an intuitive table of contents. Next and Previous links at the bottom of each page to help you navigate.

The guide is intended as a complement to IBM Process Mining product documentation; where relevant the guide will refer to it and other documents.

This guide is divided into chapters that help you deploy, step-by-step, an IBM Process Mining instance, based on a cloud native approach. Each chapter comprises topics which you should complete in order to gain a full understanding.